1. All the Light We Cannot See  

Based on the Pulitzer Prize-winning novel of the same name, this miniseries tells the story of a young blind girl in France during World War

2.Sex Education: Season 4

hilarious and heartwarming comedy is back, and it's better than ever.

3.Loki: Season 2

Loki: Season 2 of this Marvel series is a mind-bending exploration of time travel and alternate realities.

4. Absolute Beginners

Two inseparable friends face unexpected desires as they navigate their final seaside summer and prepare for film school.

5. Ballerina

A grieving ex-bodyguard embarks on a vengeful mission to fulfill her best friend's last wish.

6. Love Is Blind

Singles who want to be loved for who they are, rather than what they look like, have signed up for a less conventional approach to modern dating.

7. Fair Play

An unexpected promotion at a cutthroat hedge fund pushes a young couple’s relationship to the brink, threatening to unravel far more than their recent engagement.

8. Everything Now

Follows Mia Polanco, who is released from hospital after a lengthy battle with anorexia, she is thrust back into the world of sixth form


"Explore 50 Years of Mass UFO Sightings in 4 Episodes. This docuseries delves into global mysteries with eyewitness accounts, expert interviews, and fresh evidence."

10. Burning Body

When a police officer is murdered and set on fire, all eyes focus on two other agents: his girlfriend and her lover. Inspired by true events.